Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In the Vatican Gardens...while Snowing?

Lenten greetings and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Just a brief update on some things: Since it is the Year for Priests, free tours are being offered of the Vatican Gardens for all priests and seminarians, and so a group of us quickly too advantage of that and signed up for a tour.

On the same day of the tour...it snowed in Rome! (It has not happened in twenty-five years!)
In case you do not believe me, here is a picture to prove it!

After having a great tour (though it was very cold), we returned to the College to admire the city covered in snow (inlcuding our soccer field). It was a memorable day. The ecstatic Italians were going about the city like it was Christmas!

Tomorrow, on St. Patrick's Day, we will be having a small celebration at dinner with singing and entertainment here at the College. It will be a nice break from the studies. I'll be sure to post some of the fun; maybe I will be playing trombone for the band.

Friday happens to be a holy day as well: St. Joseph's Day. I have not decided yet what I will do with all the extra time since we do not have classes! There is a tradition in Italy (in some places) of making a particular kind of cookie (it is supposedly very delicious) just for this holy day. (aka, the St. Joseph's Day Cookie). Perhaps I will go on a search through the city for this precious and one-day-a-year treat, which I have heard is made in some small, family-operated pasticcherias. I will take a camera so that I can at least share the image of the cookie with you (I promise, with all my strength, to take a picture before I eat it...)

More soon! Ciao

The Vatican