Friday, May 14, 2010

Preparations for Examinations, Maryland Night, Southern Night

The examinations of semester two are fast approaching, and it seems that time is moving faster and faster (thus the less frequent posts here). I know I have in the past posted many times about traveling and other activities, but in between all of that, most of my time is spent at prayer and study. I like to share the great experiences I have had, and I forget sometimes to share what I do from day to day!

This semester I have seven courses, which are Latin II, Scriptural Hebrew, Fundamental Theology II, Patrology, Pentateuch, Theology of Creation, and Fundamental Moral Theology. As you can imagine, there's a lot of study to be done! Nonetheless, God has provided and will continue to provide even when there is so much to do from day to day. The work to be done, when I take time to pray and commit myself to trust in God's Providence, is not as difficult, because I know that God is guiding me.

My last examination is on June 18th, ending my first year of theological studies. Wow, it went by fast! I am looking forward to my different apostolates this summer, which will be in Northern Italy and France. It will be a time of rest and renewal, preparing for another year of studies in Rome. And perhaps, since I will have a little more time on my hands, I can post a bit more frequently! (And take some more pictures, too!)

The last two weekends were two College events: Maryland Night and Southern Night.
I promise to finish this blog asap, but I have to get some errands done at present. God bless you!